Nana’s prophecy..

We have been busy in the world of Chiara. The IAHP program is ticking along, we are gathering all the information for the Interim Report which is exciting.  We have also reignited other brain development therapies over the past few weeks, such as NAET sessions, which are wonderfully explained in Kristen Morrisons book ‘Naturally Better Kids’; and Feldenkrais sessions. Interestingly, Chiara slept the whole night through after her Feldenkrais session yesterday. The first night in a long time!!

So speaking of nights, Nana (my mum) called me to share her beautiful dream. Mum arrived at our house and Chiara rushed to the top of the stairs (walking!) and said “Hello Nana”. What a dream hey and hopefully a prophetic one!!).  Funnily enough I had a similar dream last night, an old school friend visited, and as we were talking, Chiara sat up on her own, then stood up and walked across the room! The next thing I know, the room was full with my friends and family all marvelling at the miracle that just happened… but then it all changed suddenly…. I woke up!  Then I was left feeling conflicted, I was elated at the feelings that lingered from the dream, yet a little bit shocked back into the reality. It’s true what another special needs mum said, grief can creep up on you when you least expect it – this morning was one of those times..

My mum and I have an extra special connection, both being very intuitive and at times psychic, experiencing unexplainable coincidences. But more so, I wanted to share just how positive my mother is. She has never shown any sign (to me anyway) that she thinks Chiara will not  walk or talk. I have cried, yelled and thrown my hands up in the air many times, frustrated with all the suffering Chiara has endured .. yet there mum is.. solid, quiet, humble and steadfast that Chiara (given the right amount of love and positivity) will move mountains. Mauro has always said that Mum in her gentle way, is teaching our children the art of Humility.. she’s the quiet achiever, and one of those rare human beings who can honestly give without expectations. Mum reminds me (and us all) of the power of the mind, positive intentions and affirmations wrapped in love.

Mum’s outlook in life is truly remarkable, she genuinely has a definite gift for positivity. No matter how shite life gets, she’ll put a positive spin on even the darkest of days. When I was pregnant with Chiara, mum was going through intense chemotherapy, radiotherapy battling an aggressive form of breast cancer. She lost all her hair, a lot of weight, but she never once lost her Grace, or her spark of light and she has been a picture of health ever since.

So mum, as you read this… thank you for your light. May it continue to shine through all of us in years (and lifetimes) to come…

and may your dreams come true, literally!! yay x


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  • Oneinamillion February 11, 2015   Reply →

    I have dreams like that about Eva. That she can crawl, walk, talk. I always look around at the people around me in the dream, thinking, “see, she’s fine!”

  • natrob77 February 11, 2015   Reply →

    exactly me too! the fact that we can dream it, must mean its a reality on some level! x

  • Diane Roberts February 12, 2015   Reply →

    You have all been busy in the world of Chiara! It’s exciting and positive.
    Wonderful to read that you had a similar dream, hold on to it. Power of positive mind, affirmations…………
    Thank you so much for your beautiful words Natalie ? I am truly blessed to a wonderful family and friends. Love you all so much.
    Go Team Chiara!
    Love the happy pics ?

  • janetvague February 16, 2015   Reply →

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. xxxxx

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