Working around the clock!

It’s past midnight, Mauro and I have spent the day and night finishing off reports for the IAHP Home Intensive Program. Chiara is in the loving care of her Nonno & Nonna tonight. She still has us working even when she’s not at home, the cheeky little monkey!! We have just finished the report and powerpoint presentation after hours of preparation.

It’s been nice to reflect on the recent positive changes in Chiara:

– Chiara is digesting so much better, no longer screaming in pain after each meal. Although still cries a little when the meal is over. Bottom lip drops 🙁
– Chiara is showing clear signs of wanting more independence, trying so hard to move her body forwards and is keen to jump into the pram or car-seat.
– Trying so hard to communicate her wants and needs to us through both verbal and strong clear eye contact.
– Sleeping through the night, no longer up every 2 hours!!
– Chiara wants to communicate more, making a few more sounds with greater intent. Example: Chiara grunts loudly when she wants something in her visual field.
– Chiara more readily opens up her hands, her fingers aren’t fisted close as much as they were. She is exploring the world around her more freely.
– Her left arm has begun to move when she is in the prone position (check out the video below!!!!)
– We have noticed that if Chiara is lifted/supported under her chest area, her legs beat like crazy and she gets very excited about the prospect of moving.
– Chiara’s balance is improving, she seldom rolls over when on her belly.
– Chiara is showing more focus and attention and is more determined in seeking her independence.

We keep celebrating the small things, because for us, they are actually huge things!

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  • Chris Roberts February 22, 2015   Reply →

    Team Chiara – simply wonderful to read in detail how your amazing focus,dedication and energy are resulting in steady improvement in little angel Chiara. It’s palpable to see the effort required by Chiara to move and her determination resulting in the left arm coming alive! You should all take a bow! Love and energy from Nana & Par xxxx

  • Debbie February 22, 2015   Reply →

    It’s so lovely to see achievement, even in ministeps. You are truly amazing Nat
    Love Debbie

  • Lena February 24, 2015   Reply →

    Amazing beyond words – all of you. What a beautiful, inspiring family ❤️

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