A stroke of luck

It’s been a big week – then again most weeks feel kind of massive!

My beautiful mum was on the way into hospital to receive her fate, delivered in the results of a recent biopsy after discovering another breast lump. She has been cancer free for 2 years and shining her radiant light as usual. So as soon as another lump was found, the medical team wanted to move quickly to ensure it wasn’t anything more than scar tissue from previous operations.

I can’t really imagine what it must feel like to first of all go through the ordeal of breast cancer, the chemo, the radiation, the loss of hair, the burden on the internal organs, the worry, the unknown. But there she was, quietly strong and going about her life and dealing with her cards well. So she had just parked her car and was ready to walk into the hospital to find out her results… nervous no doubt. But then all of a sudden fate threw another curve ball, and mums leg just gave way. As much as she willed it to work (like most of us do after having pins or needles) trying to awaken it.. nothing. It was like a dead weight. A lady passing by managed to help mum into the hospital..

Good news, the biopsy results were all clear!

Not so good news, mum had just suffered a mild stoke at the front of the hospital. Ah, thats my mum, so very super organised that she timed both matters well and was in the right place and the right time – hospital!

After getting the all clear second time round, mum was walking of the hospital 4 days later with her beautiful gentle way, appreciating the sun on her skin and to be given this wonderful stoke of luck.

As I reflected on the week, mums experience gave me an unusual amount of hope! I thought, well if her brain can recalibrate and she can gain full mobility through her body after the stroke, well then Chiara’s can too – right? I’m sticking with it!


Stroke of luck

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  • Lee February 25, 2015   Reply →

    She’s astounding and I know that you are too. How true is that statement xoxox

  • Diane Roberts March 1, 2015   Reply →

    LOVE you all so much! Feeling grateful and blessed ?
    Hold onto HOPE! as I am holding onto my dream of Chiara walking and talking. Power of the mind where miracles happen ????

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