Good food – good mood!

Cook up time!

Making a new batch of Chiara’s meals today- each meal consists of a protein source,  green veggie, green leafy, coloured vegetable, complex carbohydrate and a healthy source of fats. Eeach meal is measured precisely, i.e.: 40g protein, 40g green leafy, 40g green veg, 40g coloured veg, 40g complex carb, 5ml fats (i.e.: broth, olive or nut oils). Then I blend it all together to portion out individual meal’s. It doesn’t stop there either, Mauro then tabulates each specific ingredient in the meal into a (mothership) master spreadsheet.

Yep, she has this kind of balanced meal three times a day. It takes hours of preparation but its so worth it, she’s making us all extra healthy (#find the hidden blessings!). In between each main meal, we blend up different fruits for a snack, today’s was Papaya. She’s a powerhouse of organic goodness! All food is on constant rotation so Chiara receives as much variety as possible.

Chiara has had a few rough days, long nights, jaw locking down on her finger drawing blood episodes, which are frightening to say the least.  Some days the cerebral palsy takes over her body with such force, causing a crazy amount of discomfort and suffering for her. Certain body positions (which she has no control over) can cause sudden extreme pain.  Of all the challenges that Chiara is faced with (and she has her fair share) I find the CP to be the most difficult to manage. Her body gets so rigid and can’t move in the normal body patterns we all take for granted. One day at a time…

I’m happy that all this organic love will help her – she deserves it the little legend!

Over n’ out

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  • Mandy Wilson February 28, 2015   Reply →

    <3 <3

  • Lee February 28, 2015   Reply →

    Oh honey you continually surprise me with your strength and love. I admire you so much “to the moon and back” ?????

  • Diane Roberts March 1, 2015   Reply →

    Sending lots LOVE?????????????

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