Green Door

More equipment whipped up from Mauro’s amazing Godfather, this is the standing frame to help Chiara bear weight through her legs and also help with the clubfoot treatment. Go Chiara!! The CP is quite obvious in the photo’s – her fists clenched tight.

Slowly, the home is turning into a place of healing and therapy. Maur and I call it Chiara’s ‘Green Door’ – like that of the healing sanctuary ‘Golden Door‘ in QLD. Check it out, I feel relaxed just looking at it!

Its like a retreat, little miss chills out with nature views from the balcony, enjoys organic meals, gets massages and yoga sessions with mum, music therapy with Grace and daily exercise with Dad..

Our lounge room has a 4metre slide (incline floor) in the middle of it and a massage table (for the pattering) along side it. We’ve stored our furniture to fit in all the equipment needed for little C, living nice and cozy in the main room. It’s a  juggling act with all the additional equipment needs, like the wheel-chair pram, the mobile standing frame, specialised chairs and soon we will have a new chair for the bath, so we can manage the bathing better. Hopefully one day all this equipment won’t be needed and Chiara can live a happy, independent free life!

Onwards, upwards and sideways!

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  • Diane Roberts March 5, 2015   Reply →

    Love the name Chiara’s ‘Green Door’
    Go Team Chiara!
    Sending lots of love to you all ????????

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