My little red dot.

It’s been a big week emotionally and physically and it’s no surprise that I am exhausted and very run down with the flu. Alas, I have a wonderful Naturopath Gill Hart from Re-Med who is getting me back on track with Nature’s medicine – herbs! Life is full of duality and our journey with Chiara makes us appreciate the ‘good times’ in contrast to the bad. We’ve been so happy watching Chiara unfold before our eyes and the often in awe by the amazing experiences that she is providing for us on this very mysterious journey.

Here is part 1:

I could feel things start to slip a little since last weeks Maternal Health Nurse appointment. We arrived and I was eager to get the standard weigh and measure and then get out of there. The last time I visited (8 month old check-up!), tears started to trickle down my face, then I burst into more tears, that turned into sob’s, that made my face go all red and blotchy! It wasn’t an uplifting check-up by any means, but they never will be when the reality of these checks highlight just how disabled my daughter really is.

The MH nurse is beautiful, she has a kind heart and I know she is just doing her job. So this “2 year old” check-up I decide to keep things brief, so we can get the job done and get home. I warned Mauro about my previous experience and said that the nurse would most likely start probing us – in terms of how we are coping. And sure enough, she did, I looked over to Mauro with that ‘see I told you’ look and he gave me a cheeky wink back.. as we began to explain the supports we have so we as parents can still keep afloat. The nurse said something along the lines of, I guess there is no point going through the questions in the green book (health and development record) as you would have concerns in all areas and I nodded along.

Keep it together Natalie, I kept willing to myself.. keep it brief, measure, and exit the building!! So we finally got Chiara on the scales for all her measurements (yes I was still composed and quiet). They then populate the results into a graph. I look at the screen at my little red dot (Chiara). Her length for age percentiles is off the chart, she was tracking along in the green a few months ago, but now the little red dot is off the chart and all alone. The next chart is Chiara’s head circumference and again, my little red dot is no where close to the green graph lines. And her weight, also under the norm. The nurse advises we should take these results to our Pead sooner rather than later. I stare at the graphs, wanting so desperately to move the red dots into the “normal range”. My little red dot. I had a brief glance at the question’s for parents to fill out for the 2 year old visit

  1. Please list any concerns about your child’s learning, development and behaviour.
  2. Do you have any concerns about how your child talks and makes speech sounds?
  3. Do you have any concerns about how your child understands what you say?
  4. Do you have any concerns about how your child uses her hands and fingers to do things?
  5. Do you have any concerns about how your child uses her arms or legs?
  6. Do you have any concerns about the way your child behaves?
  7. Do you have any concerns about how your child is learning to do things for herself?
  8. Do you have any concerns about how your child is learning?
  9. Please list other concerns.

I left it blank. We drove home I looked at Mauro, he knows that look too well. Without saying a word, he put his arm around my shoulder, I let out a deep sad sigh and then we gathered together as a family. This little tribe, with a little red dot.