hold on for the ride

Mauro had an absolute blast racing around the track at Sandown at 230+km’s per hour! Huge thanks to Laser Racing and Laser Plumbing Vermont for the once in a lifetime experience and for helping us raise funds for Chiara. Amazing crew!

In my past life, I would have jumped at the offer to zip around the race-track at high speed’s, in my younger years I was a huge adrenalin junkie. Yep, the kind that jumped out of aeroplanes (not tandem), rode motorbikes (not as a pillion), rock-climbed, canyoned, scuba-dived, kayaked, skied super fast on snow and water and whatever else that got my heart racing and made me feel frightenly alive!

But this time, I handed the baton over to Mauro and took Chiara to an ABM therapy that we had scheduled, as well as continued on with the home program thanks to Nana and Grace who helped too.

Since Chiara’s diagnosis I’ve had a different kind of adrenalin surging through my body, the same kind that any other parent has experienced when receiving life-changing news about their child.

Chiara – you sure get our hearts pumping little one!

.. & we’re all holding on tight for the ride x

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  • Diane Roberts (nana) June 15, 2015   Reply →

    Wow! what amazing life experience! and fantastic photos!
    A big Thank You to Laser Racing and Laser Plumbing Vermont, for helping to rasise funds for Chiara’s treatments. Amazing Crew!
    hugs from Di & Chris 0X0X

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