The incline floor (slide), the massage table for patterning  (we will re-start this next week), along with the manual respiratory program. Once we get some consistent results with the manual respiratory pattering, we will move to the automatic patterning. One of the main factors of poor function in brain-injured children is their compromised respiratory system. So we aim to deliver adequate oxygen to Chiara’s brain via the masking, manual respiratory and the new automatic respiratory machine. The purpose of the respiratory program is to send the message to the brain “this is how it feels to breathe” and to increase oxygen to the brain and body. The new machine will be part of her revised program to improve respiration, chest growth, mobility & language. The respiratory program also improves vision, auditory, tactility, manual competence, chewing and swallowing, sleeping and less drooling – all of which Chiara has issues with. So in other words, overall improved neurological function is the goal.

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