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Chiara is enjoying the respiratory pattering exercises, we managed to get through three sessions today where she was relaxed and comfortable. We notice she makes a lot more sounds during and after the exercise, oh the day when she say’s “mama”, I dream about it often. The masking is going well, she gets such an amazing burst of energy after them, her little legs start to cycle like crazy in the air. The intention to move is well and truly evident within Chiara, it’s just a matter of time.

She slept through last night, I almost don’t want to jinx it, so won’t write anymore than that!

We didn’t have much success with the various pattering exercise’s, but we’ll keep trying with them. Mauro is on a mission to to bring joy and mindfulness to her entire program, especially the incline floor which she has been resisting. Once Chiara puts her foot down and refuses to do something she let’s us know (strong Taurean!). The aim is 25 trips down the incline per day, obviously not on such a steep incline but this is just temporary to get her loving movement again. We had a few belly-laughs with the incline today 😉

I’ve finally found a way to apply the essential oils, where Chiara remains still and relaxed (not an easy feat with the CP at times). After the bath, I pop her on the massage table on the new bolster so her body is on a slight incline. I use coconut oil along with the essential oil protocol listed here. I halve the dose and wow, she absolutely loved it. I’m able to move around the massage table to access her body without putting strain on my back. We have candles, music and Grace’s playful vibe around us. These moments where Chiara is relaxed in her body, to me –  feel like mini miracles.

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  • Diane Roberts (nana) June 18, 2015   Reply →

    To our beautiful family! wonderful to hear that Chiara has had a great day! and to hear the belly-laughs! just wonderful!
    and beautiful photos! Love to you all! ???? dad ? mum ?

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