all in a days work…

– new batch of meals for Chiara (took hours to create these little pockets of organic goodness!). If you think Chiara eats well, check out Grace’s breakfast. Go papa!

– IAHP strongly recommend a water filter for Chiara (ever since we completed their initial course), long overdue but it’s great to finally have one as of yesterday!

– Chiara’s recent hair & mineral tests gave us a wake up call, it’s crazy the amount of toxicity in her little wee body. Brain injured kids are so vulnerable and sensitive, so as much as we can eliminate potential toxins the better off Chiara will be. The next important piece of equipment on our list is an air filter. The idea is that the air filter helps clean the air, relieving the pressure on her lungs. A lot of brain injured children pass away due to issues with respiration, so filtering the air around them in the home (where they spend most of their time) is an important part of the process.

– You would be shocked to know just how toxic our homes can be, want to learn more? I strongly recommend you visit this site Building Biology

“The air within our homes can be seriously more polluted than the outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialised cities”.

Also from the same site: Building Biology all about our drinking water/tap water vs. filtered water. Interesting reading!

  1. Pesticides many are linked with cancer
  2. Copper can cause digestive problems, liver and kidney damage, increased risk of miscarriage
  3. Lead is associated with learning and behaviourhal disorders in children, nerve and kidney damage. Read more...
  4. Iron rust build up will turn the water a browny yellow colour, clog pipes, affect water pressure and may cause digestive problems
  5. Bacteria E Coli can cause serious illness and death
  6. Chlorine a lifelong consumption is associated with an increased risk of bladder and bowel cancer
  7. Hardness causes the build up of lime scale which can affect your whitegoods and a higher use for shampoo and detergents
  8. pH of your water the more acidic the water, the greater the rate at which heavy metals can leach
  9. and 10. Nitrates and nitrites from fertilisers and animal wastes are associated with serious health risks including blue baby syndrome and an increased risk of blue green algae

The costs of Chiara’s medical treatment, special needs equipment, supplements, alternative therapies, filters for the home, IAHP equipment keeps rising. The financial burdens (let alone the emotional burden) on families is huge. It’s a shame that finances determine the level of care each child receives. We would do soooo much more for Chiara if we could, we are trying hard not to let money hinder Chiara’s ability to reach her highest potential, so slowly we are getting everything she needs over time. We are spending loads of time trying to fundraise everything she needs. When you have a child with huge health vulnerabilities, your perception of money shifts. No longer do you dream of a endless money-tree, more so an endless health and wellbeing tree – for Mauro and I – no amount of money could ever come close to the wish that our beautiful daughter gain’s everything she needs to survive and thrive in this life.

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  • Melinda August 13, 2015   Reply →

    Hello Natalie, what a wonderful blog..i wonder how you still can manage an honest, humble yet fantastic blog. I’m from Indonesia and also an Institute mom, and I wish I have 100 hours a day. We already had 3 times revisits, and still counting and praying for the every next. Keep the fabulous work and hug & kisses for your angels..

    • Natalie August 15, 2015   Reply →

      Hi Melinda,
      Thank you so much. I love connecting with other IAHP mum’s. I know we need more hours in the day!!!
      Maybe we will cross paths in Philly sometime?
      Much love to you and your family – thank you for your message xxxxx

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