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What an awesome surprise to wake up to this!

Elephant Journal published ‘A Giant Leap of Faith’, they have 877K people on their FB page – big audience!

Leaps of Faith Abound!

Click here to read: Giant Leap of Faith

Help to share with the world!

The adventure continues….

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  • Diane Roberts (nana) June 28, 2015   Reply →

    Fantastic news! Congratulations! Dad and I are so proud of You!⭐️??

  • Anonymous June 28, 2015   Reply →

    I read your new article and it touched me beyond words. As I have said many times you both are amazing.
    I wish I had an inch of the courage and strength that you both have. When I first met you I thought wow. Amazing dedication and spirit. I had no idea that the people I were meeting would change my life for ever. I feel a sense of closeness to you that I have not felt before.

    I am so completely amazed and proud of your strength and perserverance. Your blogs are heartfelt yet inspirational. What special people you are to make us feel so many emotions.

    When I met your family I was not in a good place. Sense i met your family i have a new found look on life. Your daughter touched me like I have never been touched before. The spirit, the smile the determination makes you want to push and help in way possible.

    I love little Grace she is a special girl as well.. I will always be touched by her loving caring spirit.

    When we met we discussed California Fund Raisers. I want to throw a fund raiser for your family. Please get in touch with me and I will do my best to help your family with our great area. As I said before the guy I am partners with in business wife is a PR Person with many contacts. I would love to turn people on to your blog as well if that is ok?

    I spoke to a friend who runs a national magazine and she wants more information. Lets chat before you come back to California.
    We are truly a heartfelt, supportive community.

    All my love and support.


    • Natalie June 29, 2015   Reply →

      Dear Kim,

      Wow thank you for the incredible words of encouragement. We have a team behind us of wonderful family and friends (like you!), that help us do what we do. So it’s a massive team effort to help Chiara reach her highest potential.

      You are spot on though, both Grace and Chiara are amazing little beings touching the lives of so many.

      Oh wow, we would be thrilled to share Chiara’s story, please feel free to pass on her blog to anyone you feel may help.

      Thank you again Kim for sharing your words with us, helps us stay focused and determined. We are blessed to have such a supportive community and I hope Chiara gets the chance to thank everyone herself one day.

      I’ll send you an email too and in the meantime, please let me know if you require any further information.

      With all our love and gratitude,
      The Mazzeo Family xoxo

  • janetvague June 29, 2015   Reply →

    You Champion Nat. Thank Goodness others get to share your amazing insights and wisdom. xxxxxx

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