a day in the life

This is a snapshot of some of the therapies we do for IAHP. It doesn’t include physio, speech, ABM therapy, Yoga for the Special Child, Feldenkrais, Naturopathy, Massage…. list goes on…

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  • Lee August 17, 2015   Reply →

    I’m repeating myself..YOU amaze me. Love you all lots ???

  • Diane Roberts (nana) August 17, 2015   Reply →

    To our beautiful family, the love and dedication is truly inspiring. Go Team Chiara!????
    Sending lots of love to you all! ?⭐️?⭐️?⭐️?⭐️

  • Peter August 19, 2015   Reply →

    Wow! Amazing!

    • Natalie August 19, 2015   Reply →

      Peter not sure if this is you- P. Hobbs, but if it is YOU are amazing. So grateful xxxx

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