people amaze me (it takes a village…)

Especially Colin!

We found Colin when we posted a job on Airtasker, looking for someone to help assemble a large shed that we got from Bunnings. We have run out of storage and space with the extra equipment that Chiara requires. The shed has been sitting in our front yard for 6 months flat-packed, we finally got around to getting it sorted!

So Colin and his son assembled the shed on the weekend, and refused to take any payment. They worked without any fuss and wished us all well, especially little Chiara. We now have secure storage for her wheel-chair pram and other equipment, as well as being easy access on ground level which is awesome!

The power of community. Mauro and I are forever amazed at the generosity of people willing to help.

If anyone living local to us, requires a handy-man/gardener please contact Colin, here are his deet’s:

Col Watson

M: 0423 488 689


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  • Diane Roberts (nana) August 21, 2015   Reply →

    Fantastic storage! A big thank you to Colin and his son for assembling the shed? your generosity is so much appreciated!?

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