working hard at physio

Chiara had a great session with Di, although supported in standing you can see that Chiara has the determination and strength in her being!

I’ve sat in many therapy sessions, watching Chiara work so hard to achieve movement. I’ve chocked back tears when she cries from frustration or discomfort. The physical endurance this little girls needs, to use her limbs is huge. And she is only two years old.

Her spirit is fiercely strong and that alone is going to set her up to achieve her mission on earth.

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  • Diane Roberts (nana) August 21, 2015   Reply →

    Par and I have happy tears flowing!!! Chiara you are just shinning! ? Love You????
    Sending Di a hug & kiss from us ⭕️❌

  • janetvague August 21, 2015   Reply →

    Inspiring. what a little champion. Wonder where she gets the determination from?? Not. 🙂 🙂 :):) xxxx

  • Josh king January 12, 2018   Reply →

    My name is Josh king my little girl raelyn has pmg the same as chiara she can take steps say I good she will be three Jan.22 2017 I have tried so hard her mother to but she drink from sippy cup I would really like to speak with chiara patents so we may learn some thing’s that may help i live in TN please help me to learn more thank you.

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