Trialling new special needs equipment is bitter sweet.

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the initial shock that I get when the equipment arrives. My heart skips a beat, I go into a silent panic then get on with it!

The bitter, because I’m a mama of a child who has to fight every day, to try and function in a body that doesn’t work. A child who needs mechanical devices in order to sit, stand or maybe even walk. I don’t think as parents we ever really ‘get over it’, more so, ‘we get on with it’.

The sweet, because it helps us enormously manage the day-to-day physical needs. Chiara is getting heavier, and our backs are starting to feel the pinch. You should see us at home, both rocking around with huge back-braces – a funny site indeed!

My umbilical hernia has relapsed, I’m on the wait list for another operation see here. The whole lifting thing is getting tricky..

We have applied for this new standing frame through funding and S.W.E.P,  it as a lot of lateral support which is what Chiara needs in order to stand upright.

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