more tests. more light.

Today we had another hearing test for Chiara at Taralye is the oral language centre for deaf children, and due to Chiara’s brain-injury and concerns around developing speech, we need to monitor via audiology and otology testing.

This is our second visit, I recall taking Chiara there when she was about 7 months old, I didn’t feel concerned about her hearing back then, to me she seemed to have bionic hearing, this girl could hear a pin drop at party! However today, as she sat on my lap during the hearing test, I felt my heart pounding, Chiara wasn’t responding to the sounds like she did on the previous test? I think the audiologist could see the worried look on my face, she reassured me that although there was cause for some concern, that perhaps it was just because Chiara has a cold, and her left ear was blocked so not responding as well today.

As I sat there, supporting Chiara in a seated position on my lap, I thought about all the mums and dad’s who sat here before me, in the same sound-proof room, listening to the same muffled sounds rotate from the left speaker, to the right, and waiting for their child to look in the direction of the sound, and then that moment, when it was undeniably obvious that their child was unresponsive to the sounds.  I wasn’t the first parent to leave the room with a worried heart and I know I won’t be the last.

Fingers crossed Chiara will pass the re-test in a few weeks time, the little trooper!

This morning before the hearing test, I woke to the news that Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away, such a modern day mystic. It was only a week or so ago, I was lying in bed, head phones on late at night listening to his talk ‘I AM LIGHT’ on youtube, which randomly found its way to my inbox!? The week after, I watched his interview with Anita Moorjani’s, who shares her story about her near death experience. Both talks were so interesting and both so poignant, especially given Chiara’s life expectancy discussions that were going on around the same time.

With all these stories floating around of life, death and purpose – there have been a few that struck my heart. First being Tessa from The One In A Million Baby and her gorgeous daughter Eva- there was something so special and beautiful about that little girl from the moment I saw her. I followed their journey and was shocked when I read of Eva’s sudden passing away, my heart went out to Tessa I can’t imagine what it must be like to lose your child. It was only the day prior, I was going to ask Tessa about the new seat she had picked up for Eva, I had taken a screen shot photo of it (which had Eva smiling in it), to remind me to ask Tessa about the name of it, as it looked like something that could help Chiara. Things happen so suddenly in the special needs world, but then again in all of our worlds, special needs or not.

Tessa continues to share her journey and I love reading her updates, she’s amazing. She is starting ‘The One In A Million Podcast’ which I am so exited about, can’t wait to hear of other parents share their stories and Chiara and I will be on there too at some stage. Watch this space.

The second story that also captured me from the start, was from a lady named Julia and her blog called Five Fairies and A Fella, where she shares her journey through terminal cancer, as well special needs through her daughter with Downs Syndrome. She recently published a book called Breakfast, School Run, Chemo, which I finished last night (after watching her story air on 60 minutes) sobbing with tears.

Human beings are simply amazing!

As Dr. Wayne Dyer says so brilliantly in this clip –  ‘We are ALL light’

“There’s no happenstance in this entire universe, it’s all held together by a divine light”

A coincidence that Chiara’s name means light?

I think not 😉 xx

What are you waiting for?

Go shine your LIGHT x

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  • Oneinamillion September 1, 2015   Reply →

    Thank you! I can’t wait to have you on the show!

  • Debra Leonard September 1, 2015   Reply →

    Another beautifully written blog Nat. The sun is truly shining today x

    • Natalie September 1, 2015   Reply →

      Thank you Debra – how good is the sun and spring!
      after winter, comes spring and so it goes
      thinking of you always debra – you inspire me more than you’ll ever know xxxx

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