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Finally, after two long years of chronically broken sleep we have a found solid rest again. It wasn’t the normal lack of sleep that most parents experience (from the newborn to toddler stage) of teething, wet nappies, colic etc, we know this kind, as Grace also took a while to sleep through.

However, this time around, it was different, very different. A child’s brain injury can wreak havoc through the night and that’s exactly what was happening. Night after night, month after month, we were up all night, dealing with the cruel symptoms that come along with quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

Take a look at the picture below and you can get a visual of just how damaging sleep deprivation really is and that’s just for a neurotypical adult, can you imagine what it would be like for a brain-injured child? Lack of sleep has sent us to breaking point many times, so we are thrilled that the tides are finally turning.

Drumroll… for the past week Chiara has slept on her own from 7pm – 7am. That is 12 hours of no physical intervention. No walking up and down the hallway holding her until she calms down and falls asleep in our arms, only to wake up again all through the night, so very distressed. No rushing to her room when she had bitten down on her finger and then unable release it. No running baths to soak off her plaster cast at 3am, no getting in the car to emergency. It’s the calm after the storm!

Now it’s just a kiss goodnight, pop her in bed after the wind down and voila – she’s asleep in less than ten minutes.

The girls now sleep together in the bunk bed, which up until now has been gathering dust.

We have noticed a massive shift in Chiara since the consistent solid rest, the tone from the Cerebal Palsy isn’t so intense and she’s a lot more at ease in her body.

So we’re excited to combine her therapies with the missing ingredient – good old fashioned rest/sleep! Who know’s what potential we are able to achieve now. Just incredible!

Hello SPRING & Hello new beginnings!

I’ve been waiting for you! It’s been a long cold lonely winter…

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  • Oneinamillion September 2, 2015   Reply →

    I like this post very much! Both for you and for Chiara. What a sweet relief for all of you! Long may it last!

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