breathtakingly beautiful

Tonight it was Grace who decided to tell a story, then move into a meditation and a Yoga Nidra.

W-O-W, now I have experienced some pretty mind-altering meditations and wonderful relaxations.. but this little 5 year old blew me away! Such a wise little Yogini. I must record some of these sessions, they are so beautiful.

Sleep has evaded us since Grace fell ill, now little Chiara is up every hour with a cough, so we are keeping a very close eye on her. We’ve been to the local GP for ABO’s, Chinese Doctor and Naturopath. It’s like a health farm at our house right now, herbs all over the shop!

An odd paradox: things take so loooong to change, we wait patiently for any hint of a mirco-milestone, then all of a sudden things can take a dramatic turn, and the child’s health can change in a flash. I see this pattern play out with families all over the world, especially in our Polymicrogyria community.

We build strong foundations when we are riding up the wave, so that when we start to come down the other side of a ‘new issue’, we have something in the bank, so to speak. Disrupted sleep is our achillies heel, so we’re laying low until this patch has well and truly set sail.

Aaah, it’s a mysterious road this one, I think I will probably be writing about it forever, because I am curiously captivated by it. I’m curious as to why children are born with such severe limitations in the first place?, is there a reason?, does God deliver such children to us, for deeper lessons, or karmic solutions?, I’m curious how this changes the family dimension, the marriage union, the siblings experience and role in it all etc, I’m curious about what Chiara wants? I’m curious to hear her angelic voice, I’m curious to see her moving freely in the world, I’m curious to know what life will be like, if we never get to experience such things. As much as possible I hope to live in a state of  transcendence, I hope that together we can all reach our highest possible potential, whatever that is?  I’m curiously curious…

I wonder how other families do it, day-in day-out, never knowing what is install for their child. With the very basic of human functions taken away, it is really quite remarkable how parents, siblings and the special needs child alone, cope. Of course, none of us know what lies around the corner – but most of us, I am sure, know that when we put one foot in front of the other, we move our bodies forward. Most of us know that when we move our mouths, we are able to communicate, most of us know that we when we bring food to our mouths, we can swallow. Yet these are the kind of things I refer to, in never knowing what may happen next? Will our child ever, as in ever, gain physical independence? 

We need to harness the strength of a Goddess through this journey of an amazing, awful, mundane and  breathtakingly beautiful life…. special needs or not.


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    Hang in there darlins. Plenty of prayers and karma coming from down the road. xxxxxxx 🙂 🙂 :):)

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