The bless in the mess

Pretty happy to see some fine motor skill action! 

Whenever we notice any new micro-milestones we quietly notify one another so we don’t alarm Chiara and break her concentration. It’s sometimes hard for us to contain our excitement and often I burst with it – then the next thing her bottom lip drops and she’s crying! She is so so sensitive to sounds the little darling. Then we all console her & she’s beaming again. Grace is the best at getting Chiara back on track ❤️❤️❤️

Once she’s asleep, we tiptoe around the house to make sure she doesn’t wake. The bedrooms are next to the living area so we have to be stealthy quiet. We watch TV with subtitles and do random made up sign language, for example if Mauro’s in the kitchen and he wants to ask me a question like do I want a drink & he’ll do the gesture for drinking – then it gets lost in translation and we end up getting the giggles and then she wakes. 

It’s true, yes we crave to be able to just kick our heels up, twist open a cold beer or pour a vino and watch a movie (with sound!!!), these little simple things are so rare for us these days. 

It’s all a bit cabin fever here at times ?? the days can sometimes feel long and repetitive with not much change. But the little gift of trying to self feed tonight – it gives up more hope.

One other mum suggested I put icecream in the bowl – she’d probably nail it then. 

Aside from her flinging food over her shoulder (isn’t it some old goodluck charm or something,!) and her seat being covered in green moosh, and her clothes, hands, face-

I’m seeing the little blessing in the messy

And aint that so true to life 


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