RCH visit

The RCH drill.

Wake 5am (skip meditation & yoga b/c I’m keen to prep everything before poppets wake) get breakfast ready, pack Chiara’s hospital bag, get paper work ready, check appointment times, pack Grace’s kinder bag, get clothes ready, put load of washing on, hang the new batch on the line, and fold the other lot. Maur is getting the cold-pressed juice ready for the girls, freshly made every morning, while coffee is brewing away. Best smell ever!

Make a few trips back and forth to the car to load it with all the usual paraphernalia.

Girls wake. We need to feed Chiara before 7am, as she needs to fast after that for the hospital procedure. But she has a surprise package for us, which needed more than just a few wipes, the kind that needed a complete overhaul ending up with a full body wash down!

We decided on the quick bath option – dunk into the laundry trough (our laundry is contained in a wall european style) so it’s a tight squeeze for two adults and one toddler! But to bath Chiara this way it’s absolutely necessary to have two people to help. Mauro hold’s her body upright, I help bend her body at the hips so she can try and sit, but her extensor pattern kicks in and she ends up very rigid in one straight line…

Meanwhile I’m squished against the wall, trying to wash her body and Maur is trying to keep centred in front of the sink to keep her balanced. We didn’t think to run the normal bath, as we were both dressed and ready  and bathing Chiara requires one of us to jump in an hold her. We don’t have any bathing equipment as yet, and as she is unable to stand or sit, bathing is becoming a bit of a challenge.

Bathing Chiara always requires two adults, one to help lower in body into the bath while the other person is in the bath ready to hold her, same goes with lifting her out of the bath, I have to be extra careful these days with all the lifting, due to my hernia.. so anyhow our trough expedition did the trick. I think it’s safe to say it’s probably the last time 😉

We’re just about to head out the front door, running behind schedule. Then Grace urgently explains that she needs to find the santa hat for her show-and-tell at kinder.

n: ok where is the hat?

g: I don’t know u cleaned up mama

n: im not sure darling, i clean up lots of your toys

g: i need the santa hat

n: we’re running late can you choose another show-and-tell item?

g: no it has to be the santa hat

n: ok lets try and find it…. quickly

(searching, searching, searching)

n: sorry g can’t find it, we really have to go

(tears start and she has collapsed onto the floor)

…..meanwhile chiara has started crying as a reaction to her sister crying

n: ok let me do one more check.. (thoughts inside my mind at this moment – “where the f is the santa hat I swear I saw it on the couch last…. we are running so late… I wonder if we will skip the peak-hour….. maybe we can stop for a coffee somewhere I really need one… chiara and peak hour = not a good mix…. stay focused natalie where is the santa hat…”

n: Im sorry g I can’t find it, but we really have to go now…

We do some more negotiating and we’re all in the car ready to go, but G isn’t happy about the santa hat sitch, so I make another mad dash up the stairs to have one final look. To no avail.

Instead I found something else for her, and after much convincing we were off and away for stop one: kinder, where Grace reminds me again about the santa-hat and if I could go home, find it and drop it back to her. God bless her passionate spirit. Stop two: coffee then our final destination Royal Childen’s Hospital.

Car ride in: can’t even go there! It’s a mystery as to why car-travel causes so much stress for little Chiara 🙁

I will add that when we stopped for a coffee, the experiences continued! We propped Chiara in a high-chair and she was playing happily with the pepper shaker until one of her random head-drops/flops occurred, and she head-butted the wooden pepper shaker. She was absolutely devo’d, so we needed to get her out of the high-chair pronto as she was doing one of those pre-silent cries which builds up and finally releases into one all mighty scream.

However, when she gets stressed her body goes into full rigidity making it pretty much impossible to get her out of the high-chair contraption. People are looking over by this stage, but we’re pro’s at this now, so Mauro lifts Chiara, I hold down the high-chair with my feet/legs and then hold her legs from scissoring so she can actually get out of this plastic contraption. We managed to get her out before the peak cry – it’s like an army drill 😉

I order another coffee and we leave. By the way I never used to drink coffee, I was a Chai lover but these day’s two coffee’s are my minimum 😉

Anyhow I’m getting too tired to finish off this post, so to cut a long story short just before she was going into theatre, the procedure was cancelled (due to some safety concerns around the general anaesthetic) so we are back on the wait-list. The treatment was for some botox for her calves, hamstrings, adductors, as well as another cast for her relapsed clubfoot. The aim to relax her muscles which are in super over-drive causing havoc.

It wasn’t meant to be today, so we’ll just keep up with all her other therapies.

Good news though, guess what I found tonight…

Yep you guessed it, the red santa hat.

Needless to say Grace was over the moon.

And that my friends, is a wrap.

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