Episode 03: Chiara and Natalie

Thank you to Tessa for her blog post and podcast. You can view it here, and it will send you to iTunes for the links.

I would also like to honour a beautiful little girl Eva, who through her short time on earth has left a huge imprint on the world of families with special needs children. And to her incredible Mama Tessa Prebble from The One in a Million Baby who held a space where I could share both the brutal and beautiful side of the last two years.

It’s so true what Tessa said at the end of the Podcast, you really do meet some of the most amazing people on this special needs road. Tessa and Eva are a beautiful testament to that.

This podcast I share the raw stuff, tears and all. As a mother I struggled a lot in those early months after Chiara’s diagnosis and with over 200 hospital appointments, and having the weight of Chiara’s physical, verbal and lifespan limitations, it completely broke my heart into pieces…. but it also broke my heart wide open too, to let even more love into my life. And for this, I will always be eternally grateful for Chiara and her journey….

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