trusting your gut instincts

Those who know me, know that I am often led by my intuition. Which can drive people close to me a little crazy.

I trust my gut instincts a lot, we all have had those moments where we have made a decision and it just doesn’t feel right. That’s your intuition talking loud and clear. Doesn’t mean I always get it right though. Nonetheless I’m paying attention to it more than ever since Chiara’s magical and mystical arrival. As she is unable to express her needs to me, I have to rely on instinct and try and intuit things for her.

Here’s an example of one of my “intuitive” moments that occurred on an overseas trip a while ago.


We had been living out of a suitcase in a small room with 2 adults and 2 children. The little hotel room was very much lived in. Whenever we arrive at any new place, this is my ritual, I start to nest. I unpack, I move things around, I put up little home decorations or I just ‘fluff around’ as my husband would say 😉

So a week in, staying a hotel that was no more than 5 minutes from our place of therapy for Chiara I woke up with a sudden urge to leave. Yep, no real reason at this stage, other than we must leave the hotel. I ran my idea past my husband, who with his very logical brain, responded with ‘why do we need to move, we only have one more week left and everything is so close and we have a free shuttle service to and from the daily therapies’.  Yes, everything he said make perfect sense, and now everything I was about to say would sound crazy!

I tried to explain that we needed to move hotels, to the one that was only 5 minutes away. Why? I had no idea other than my gut was telling me to do it!

He looked at me with “that look”, the look that says there is no logical reason for this action. I knew this wasn’t going to be an easy feat.

Okay, so I showed him the website of the new hotel we so desperately needed to stay at for some unknown reason, I pointed out the positive parts that it would be closer to Chiara’s therapy (maybe only by 2 minutes, but hey I needed ammo) and there was a shuttle bus that could take us there and back, but other than that there was no real perks to this hotel. Same small room, same quiet vibe.

Unbeknownst to him, I had already checked us out of our current hotel for the following day and into the new hotel.

But, this all became undone, when he firmly refused to move hotels. So I had to call the new hotel and cancel our booking and keep our current one.

Hours went by and I could not shake this feeling that we had to move hotels! Finally he succumbed ‘okay let’s do it but on one condition, I am not packing up this room!’

I had the room packed up in a blink of an eye! He was shaking his head but smiling at me.

Grace was up for it, give this girl a new adventure and she’ll take it by the horns. Chiara seemed to be watching me curiously.

I called the new hotel to re-instate our booking, “I’m sorry Mrs Mazzeo, our hotel is now fully booked and we no longer have any rooms available”. Hhmm, I looked around at the empty room and the suitcases I had just feverishly packed and thought to myself, now what?

Again, for some strange reason I decided to call back in a few hours time, and voila a room was suddenly and randomly available.

We arrive at our new hotel. I unpack our life again, along with the large amounts of organic food and random bits and bobs that one gathers a long the way.

We booked in our shuttle bus service, so that Chiara’s therapy was all sorted.

The following day we were dunking Chiara’s feet into the pool and noticed a lot of people around the hotel, a huge conference of some sorts. I had noticed a few symbols of Christianity and thought it must be a church conference of some sort.

Then more and more people arrived and the energy in the hotel was different. A kind of peaceful vibe was filtering though. Mauro thought it was a Yoga conference, I still wasn’t convinced or that bothered by it all at this stage.

Then more people arrived and I saw a Chakra flag which caught my eye.

I said to Mauro, I am going to walk through the crowds with Chiara and whoever she engages first,  then that’s our lead into this mysterious event.

So I literally walk though the crowd of people and it wasn’t long before Chiara had struck up some energetic conversation with a stranger. So I sat down and asked if it was a Yoga conference that I babbled something about being a Yoga Teacher and blah blah blah.

The beautiful french lady who had such a divine presence, responded  “No, it’s not a Yoga conference, it’s actually a Miracle Healing Conference. There are healers from all over the world attending”.

I almost fell off my chair.

Did she just say miracle healing?

Do I always bang on about Osho’s line “Be realistic, plan for a miracle”!

I had goosebumps, my eyes widened and Chiara continued to smile and connect with our beautiful new friend.

One thing led to the next and we were all invited for a MIRACLE HEALING that was going to take place in the evening.

Mauro looked at me and said “The first time I met you, I said to myself, this girl is going to make me travel!”…

Yes, I have big plans for our family. Hold on tight!

That night, we entered the room. It was full of love. It has always astounded me the possibility of transformation when a group of people come together for the highest good. I’ve been in many situations and spaces like this before with my Yoga and Meditation journey. The collective is a force let me tell you!

We were invited to the stage to share our story, a family who had travelled all the way from Australia seeking a miracle for their child and who coincidentally landed at a hotel that was holding a Miracle Healing Conference with over 200 healers from all around the world! Can you believe it?!!!

Miracle or not, Mauro, Grace, Chiara and I will never forget the love that filled the room that night. We stood up at the front of the room, whilst over 200 people offered a miracle healing for Chiara and all of us as a family.

And the story gets better.

This particular gathering was a muti-faithed event. So on the alter there was Mary, Jesus, Buddha, Indian Gods and Goddesses, Nepalese prayer flags, Chakra flags the whole gamet. Chiara by nature is a powerful healer, and this night and the insights I received only confirmed that.

With Mauro having such a strong Christian Faith and mine with the all of the above, it was a perfect synergy. I continue to seek guidance from Mother Mary and all the Goddesses. I need an army of help in this lifetime!

The bishops were reciting Yogic texts and they were simply amazing beings.

We all cried, Mauro had tears flowing down his cheeks as they offered him love and support. I tell you, it must be so hard for The Dad’s of fragile children, they are the great tribe protectors and my heart breaks, thinking about how his must break over Chiara. I shudder to think of the day that Chiara will leave this earthly plane.

Our beautiful new french friend had personally given Chiara a white crystal cross, that had been blessed by St John of God himself. Amazing, how beautiful is that!

I leant a few things that night.


1. As much as possible always trust your intuition, even when you look crazy!!

2. Let go a little and trust that life will lead you to where you need to go.

3. The power of the collective spirit and people coming together for the highest good.

4. There is a bigger picture to life.

I will share in the following posts a few insights from other people who attended the conference and their experience of when Chiara entered the room. It will give you goosebumps!

When you knock down the boarders of religion and come together with a united soul purpose of healing and love, then miracles really do happen.


 Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 10.10.17 am

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  • maria mazzeo December 16, 2015   Reply →

    Natalie, what an amazing experience…. Mauro obviously must listen to your instincts…. I so much enjoyed reading this piece. incredible.

    • Natalie December 16, 2015   Reply →

      it was a funny one, he is very patient with me!! xx

  • Lena January 9, 2016   Reply →

    Nat you’ve done it again! Chuckles, goosebumps and tears in the space of a few minutes. LOVE your work and thank you for sharing. Looking forward to hearing more about this one! xxxx

    • Natalie January 10, 2016   Reply →

      I’ll have to show you the video footage it’s hilarious!

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