the year that was 2015

Two thousand and fifteen

What a crazy year you have been.

Hospitals, ambulances, therapies and more

practising patience seems to be our universal law.

We give thanks for our beautiful family and friends

Who span the globe to every single end

The continued love, support and hope

Makes us realise we’re not alone in our boat

And when the seas suddenly get wild and out of control

We take time to try and nurture each of our souls

Sleep has been our greatest victory

Which will certainly go down in our history

For this little tribe who have been living on the edge

run down and tired with the constant never-end

Car-travel is a close second let us not forget

Now we can leave the house without any regret

Chiara can finally manage the car-seat on her own

which has left her parents completely mind-blown

Almost three years of travel insanity

Which brought with it the odd profanity

Then micro-milestones however small,

make this family feel one hundred feet tall.

We are all so proud of Chiara

when she achieves something new

Then we celebrate with Chiara’s entire crew

Beautiful Grace what a gift you bring

Your spark, creativity and passion make our hearts sing

Your shining spirit glows so bright

Our divine daughter you are so full of light.

Our journey ahead is full of unknowns

from walking, talking, and movement with ease

But in the meantime we will continue to sew the seeds

And meet our daughters additional needs

As much as possible we will tried not to be afraid

because we need a clear space for miracles to be made

faith and hope we hold to tight, especially in those quiet moments

in the middle of the night

so thank you for the lessons, the beauty and grace

and the smile that beams from our daughters face

with curiosity and wonder we welcome a fresh new slate

and without a doubt, we know 2016 is going to be great!


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