two halves of my heart

To my two little lionesses

To my two little peace warriors

To my two little wise souls

Thank you for gracing my life

With so much beauty

So much buoyant love & brightness

Thank you for bringing so much possibility and wonderment to each and every single day

I love you both fiercely

I am so blessed that I get to look into your eyes and feel the love and lightness of this world

Though our days are long, and often exhausting with therapies, specialist appointments, meeting all the additional physical needs and the natural concerns and worry we hold in our hearts, know that

You are both a blessing

Thank you for choosing us as your tribe

I could not be more proud of you both

Your gentle footprints

Leave a huge impact on this world

Shine on my brave little warriors

My beautiful goddesses

Do not be afraid

Love your mum 

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 6.08.24 pm.png

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  • Diane Roberts (nana) January 10, 2016   Reply →

    Beautiful photos! Beautiful words! Natalie I am one blessed mama to have you my beautiful, amazing, daughter and such gorgeous granddaughters. Love you all so much! xoxoxo

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