April 2016

HuffPost’s Talk To Me Series

When Huffington Post asked me to participate Huff Post’s Talk To Me Series, I was instantly on board! In a sense I had already started a conversation via the blog, sharing my journey as a Mother to a medically fragile child. What I loved about the Talk To Me series idea, was the importance placed on meaningful conversations between parents […]

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Speaking Your Truth

“In October 2013, 5 months after Chiara was born..” That’s all I had to say to begin my speech at last week’s fundraising event.   Yet as I stood in front of the microphone, I completely froze. Not so much from nerves due to public speaking to 150 people, but more so, because of the […]

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A.B.M – 4 weeks in USA

We finally made it to the end of our Intensive Treatment Therapy for Chiara in the U.S of A! First and foremost, we would like to thank all the incredible people who helped us access this Neuro Movement therapy. We are so grateful for the ongoing support in helping Chiara reach her full potential. A special mention to […]

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