HuffPost’s Talk To Me Series

When Huffington Post asked me to participate Huff Post’s Talk To Me Series, I was instantly on board! In a sense I had already started a conversation via the blog, sharing my journey as a Mother to a medically fragile child.

What I loved about the Talk To Me series idea, was the importance placed on meaningful conversations between parents and children.

My eldest daughter has asked me many questions with regards to her youngest sister:

– Why can’t Chiara sit up on her own?
– When will Chiara be able to stand or walk?
– Why can’t she say any words?
– Why do we always have to go to the hospital?
– Why can’t Chiara play hide and seek with me?
– Why do we have to take her to therapy again?
– When will Chiara get better Mama?
– Why can’t she feed herself Mama?
– Why don’t Chiara’s arms or legs work?
– Why did you cry in the hospital Mama?
– What is a Miracle Mama?

Each question is loaded with so much love and curiosity. Each question is deserving of an honest and authentic answer, so that she can piece together (in her own way), the journey of being a sibling to a special needs child.

In the beginning, it was very difficult for all of us to come to terms with Chiara’s diagnosis. Talking about it brought many tears, a lot of fear and uncertainty. Yet three years on, the conversations have been pivotal, in helping us grow, learn and cope. And most of all, to find the fun and joy along the journey.

Here I am with my two daughters Grace & Chiara, keeping our conversation flowing. Not surprising that Grace chose to stick with topic’s such as: Miracles, Her Sister, Cerebral Palsy, Love & The Beach!

Never underestimate the power of sharing your story, in speaking from an open and at times, broken heart. It can transform lives!

Watch Grace interviewing Chiara and I here!!