Our Second Home

Wow these last few weeks have been full of blessings!

You know you have a pretty special community when the staff at your local cafe greet you with wide open arms and massive hugs.

Ever since Second Home Eltham opened, we have been regulars there. It’s quite literally, our second home.

We have rocked up to this cafe exhausted from broken sleep, or after a long hospital stay at the RCH, or before a therapy session, or for catch ups with family and friends. Through these past few crazy years  this beautiful light-filled, homely space has held us through all sorts of challenging times.

We received an amazingly generous donation from Catherine, John and rest of the Second Home staff. Thank you so much! So unexpected, but this kind of support is always so much more than just the funding contribution. It’s the goodwill and love of that helps to make life that little bit easier for Chiara and to help her reach her full potential, as well as support our family as a whole.

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 3.33.50 pm

Yes, my eyes leaked when I read this message out to Mauro last night.

Every time we receive a message of goodwill, support and encouragement no matter how big or small, we are always so incredibly grateful. The collective love and support had made our journey so much lighter, not feeling like we are doing this all alone.

Thank you again Catherine, John and the rest of the team at Second Home, for always welcoming our family no matter what.

We will be sure to keep you posted with how your support helps to create more miracles along the way.

Love you guys!

Love Mauro, Nat, Grace & Chiara xo



If you haven’t checked out Second Home, it’s an absolute must! Get there while the open fire is going and enjoy your home away from home.

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