Natalie Roberts

Our Second Home

Wow these last few weeks have been full of blessings! You know you have a pretty special community when the staff at your local cafe greet you with wide open arms and massive hugs. Ever since Second Home Eltham opened, we have been regulars there. It’s quite literally, our second home. We have rocked up to this […]

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The two most loaded words..

“I Do”.   The lead up to our wedding day was like monsoon season, it rained non-stop. It was a welcome surprise to wake on Saturday to a beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. With all the hype that comes with such a day, I made it a priority to find some […]

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A miracle milestone!

Wow, three and a half years in the making!   It’s been a long time coming and I cannot tell you how happy this moment made us! Mauro and I have put in a lot of hard work to get to this stage and especially little Chiara! It feels like we have won tatt’s, potential […]

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What I would give to hear Chiara’s voice. The conversations we could have, oh my God if only. Through Chiara not developing speech (yet), I have had to learn to trust my intuition more than ever. Because sometimes, in certain situations it’s the only thing we have to communicate and understand one another. And another […]

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Meeting Tessa

Last month we got to meet up with beautiful Tessa (here’s a look at her beautiful blog post about our catch up). It was so good to meet her in person, it felt like meeting an old friend. Tessa and Eva have a very special place in my heart. I think the world of both of them, […]

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