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Yoga for the special child…

Two things very close to my heart – Chiara and Yoga! Some friends of ours lent us a book a while back ‘Yoga for the Special Child’ by Sonia Sumar. Her book is so inspiring, and equally heart-breaking. Sonia began teaching Yoga for children with special needs after her daughter Roberta was born with Downs Syndrome and […]

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Thank you for all the love and support people!… a snapshot of the last 30 days on the blog.. love seeing all the different flags pop up.  Wonderful to receive so many messages, and most of all be of help to other families going through similar journeys. In sharing this journey, I’m also hopeful that […]

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a different view…

A wise old friend handed me this book many moons ago… I was unable to put it down when I first read it.. it’s nice to pick it up again.. ten years later and explore the incredible insights in every chapter. Interestingly this book has far more relevance now, than ever before. Now that we are […]

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Home-made milks…

Chiara’s naturopath has helped us to make the change from formula to nut and coconut milks – to help nourish her brain. This is my fist attempt at home made almond milk – it’s delicious, nutritious and she loves it! Check out the incredible health benefits too…

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elusive sleep….

It’s midnight… We have already spent many hours trying to settle a very unsettled little poppet. Earlier on, I had woken to her muffled intense cries to find her in the cot with her hand stuck in between her teeth..  Grace wakes up and runs down to Chiara’s bedroom and starts crying seeing Chiara so […]

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cast on… cast off….. ♥

Life has been super busy with trips to the RCH for the new casts, and taking her to some new therapies for neuro-feedback. More information on these to come! We have had some amazing results from the essential oils too.. yay! The IAHP daily home program is also consistently happening, so all is well! It’s […]

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MTHFR Gene Test

So uplifting after going to see Chiara’s Naturopath today.. there is so much opportunity to support Chiara’s brain function and overall health and wellbeing through diet, lifestyle and supplements. Lot’s of information to share, but will contain this post to MTHFR…. WTF is MTHFR? 😉 Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR) is an inherited genetic variant which prevents […]

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