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On the move…

Another wonderful session with Andrea at Myotherapy First, working to get the messages between her brain to muscle flowing and firing. Check out the video, Andrea, Mauro, Par and I were cheering her on when she started to move her legs!! (yes tears welled up in my eyes!) I learnt about some reflex’s today – the […]

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Osteo and swimming!!

Michael from Move Osteopathic Group is weaving his magic with Chiara, such an awesome session today. He was able to get a good release through Chiara’s little body, so cool to see her chilling out with him. Mick is Mauro’s cousin – we are so thankful for his help with Chiara.. Then we set-off for […]

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Biodynamic Neuro Development

We took little Chiara to see Genevieve Keating at Neuro-Chiro in Hawthorn. She is going to see Chiara for the next month weekly, and will work to try and release through the Sutures across the skull, which are extremely tight. Gen went  over the reflexes to get an idea of where Chiara is at, in […]

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The cure is you…

Mum heard about this doco from Amanda at Bend Like Bamboo, I just had a peak at it on the web. Similar vibe to ‘The Secret’.. there’s some interesting points in terms of healing etc. It gets a little americanized, but you get the drift. Chiara is taking her whole family on a journey of […]

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A holiday…

.. of a different sort. Having some time off the cyber land of Facebook. Since Chiara’s diagnosis I have spent most nights researching all the information, treatments, forums and all the resources I can find to help Chiara with regards to Polymicrogyria, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, Microcephely and other relevant pages associated with the special needs […]

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home program, healing foods..

We managed to get through a lot of the home program today. Mauro, Frank and I spent the morning ticking off the various exercises.. we’re slowly getting into the groove and working with Chiara and her needs as the day goes by, including sleep times and meal times… Im getting excited about meal times in […]

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A wise woman’s stone

A wise woman, who was traveling in the mountains, found a precious stone in a stream. She reverently placed the gem in her bag. The next day she met another traveler who was hungry. The wise woman opened her bag to share her food. The hungry traveler saw the precious stone and asked the woman […]

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Chiara’s standing frame ?

Opened the mail today & received a letter from Baptcare with good news!! They are providing funding for her standing frame from PME Group – which is great because the one we have is just on loan until end of week and we can’t afford to buy one – they cost over $2500 dollars! I’m […]

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