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The light that shines.. ?

Grace and I made the trek to pick up some special needs equipment for Chiara, that had been donated through ‘I give a buck foundation‘. Big shout out to Beth another PMG muma who thought of Chiara and notified me about it. Beth has also been amazing in offering support and advice! She’s awesome – […]

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Chiara xo

I love this image for so many reasons… but most of all because it reminded me of Chiara’s journey so far. Her beautiful fragile body in need of so much healing, the way the butterflies surround and lift her spirit, supported by the strength of dragonfly wings, the full moon watching over her and the […]

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Gifts come in all shapes and sizes

The day’s have been full with the home program, as well as taking Chiara to her usual Osteopathy and Physiotherapy sessions. We also had a trip to RCH to collect her new A.F.O, a check-up. Prue was a little concerned that her foot may slip back soon, and encourages us to put Chiara in the standing […]

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Sunday sessions…

Today we broke the record for the longest and most relaxed pattern (one of the therapies we do with 3 people) with Chiara, wonderful to feel her body respond with such ease. Thank you Nana & Par – go team Chiara… Thank you also to Chiara’s Godfather Peter who sent us the prayer flags and […]

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Physio and home program ❥ ❣ ❦ ❧ ♡

Big week for Chiara… a big full moon passed on Friday 13th… read more here… The main program we are following is from The Institutes, we are slowly getting the programs into place. Thanks to social media I’ve found another family who have been part of this same program, they have travelled to the offices in […]

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Hidden messages in nature…?

Sometimes…. all you need is a nourishing afternoon at home.. with beautiful friends, little cherub’s, good food, wine, herbal tea…. and a little bit of nature… Feeling so very blessed to have such beautiful soul’s in my life, especially after an emotionally charged week.. lots of worry for Chiara, and all the off-shoots that intertwine with […]

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love and loss

Before we became a part of the “special needs world”, I had no idea just how many families actually lost their child from a particular disability. Beforehand, I would read stories in the paper, or see something on the news from time to time. Yet now, it seems common place… being linked into many Facebook support […]

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