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Drum Roll Please… ?

What a day!!! After a full morning of home therapy, Chiara did the most amazing thing… she rolled over from her back, onto her side… and oh so close to rolling all the way over onto her tummy. And to make sure it wasn’t just a fluke, she did it over 7 times in a […]

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Mary and Miracles

I’ve always had affinity with Mother Mary, ever since I can remember going to church as a child… her image would always captivate me. Often walking on the way to primary school, I would stop in at St. Dominic’s Church to sit at the feet of the beautiful Mary statue next to the alter. Many […]

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Physio Session # 5

Morning physio session with Di, today’s session was by far the best one yet in terms of Chiara’s ability to move with ease. YAY!!!! It’s all about celebrating.. the micro-milestones.. what comes so naturally for most of us, is the ability to move freely. The amount of effort that is required from Chiara in order […]

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Indian Mythology… Goddess Durga ॐ ॐ

I attended a chanting workshop at Agma Yoga Centre in Albert Park, which is located next to the church Maur and I got married, yay. Gorgeous yoga studio who teach in the tradition of T.Krishnamacharya (the father of Yoga! respect>)… a fellow Yoga Teacher had sent me the details so I decided to go along… (thank you G). Anyhow […]

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A morning of Yoga… & more

On top of the home program from IAHP, we also include Yoga, the physio exercise that we learn from Di. We try and integrate everything we do with Grace, so she can add her own amazingness to the development of Chiara… its incredible watching these two together. Chiara responds to Grace with so much joy… […]

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Physio Session #4

Mauro and I took Chiara to her fourth physio session, it’s going to be a big road ahead but we’re in good hands 🙂 “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning…” Winston Churchill

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At the heart of it all..

I believe this to be 100% true, and given the added burdens on the family  (financial, medical, ongoing disrupted sleep, overflowing paperwork, trying to source funding for equipment, weekly specialists appointments, her distress when travelling in a car-seat, the doctors advice, the conventional realm raising their concerns with alternative therapies, the uncertainty of her future etc […]

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Physio Session # 3 with Di

Go Chiara, so amazing seeing her in body positions such as sitting, kneeling or standing. Di is fantastic, I can’t rave about her enough. She is a Paediatric Physiotherapist, using a neuro-developmental approach to the management of children with movement disorders, as is the case with little Chiara… We are currently working on the following areas: […]

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Medical Meetings

Today we had a meeting with some medical specialists – CMV testing came back as negative, so we can now rule this out as a possible cause for the Polymicrogyria. – We are going to to some gene testing on Collagen 4A1 and Collagen 4A2, due to the Hemosiderin that was discovered on her MRI.   Sometimes after the hospital visits, feels […]

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