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Biodynamic Osteopathy

Another amazing therapy that is part of Chiara’s weekly regime is Biodynamic Osteopathy. We are super lucky that Michael from Move Osteopathic Group has been providing wonderful treatment for her. He’s awesome and we are so grateful for his time and efforts with Chiara.. I’ll get along to the next few appointments and get some photo’s too. […]

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Physio Session # 2

Very grateful to another PMG muma for passing on the physio details for Di, who specialises in mobility disorders. Di is associated with the Better Start Programe, so we can put the funding towards a great therapy, yay. Chiara is in good hands that’s for sure, at the moment, Di’s working on Chiara’s rolling, as well […]

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Naturopath – NAET session #2

We met up with Maria Colossimo at Centre of Holistic Medicine, Chiara and I sat in the waiting room together. Another mum was next to me with her little son, who had downes as well as Leukimia.. he had just had a session of chemotherapy. Looking at both of us with our little babies on […]

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Meeting at RCH

A few discussions about Cerebral Palsy, in terms of Chiara’s rigidity/spasticity. CP is an umbrella term..sometimes there are abnormal movements (dystonia), sometimes there is Chorea Athetosis, jerky dancey type movements… the words Cerebral Palsy are just the words to describe muscle function, I have flashes of Chiara stuck in a dance of chorea athetosis, the visual image scares […]

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Little Gifts of Synchronicity

Love how things come to you – just when you need them! This week has been full of moments that have come together by random chance. A friend handed me a flyer on some free yoga workshops at The Abbotsford Convent next month, and turns out they are linked to teachings for children with special […]

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Let Go!

Let It Go from Danna Faulds Let go of the ways you thought life would unfold:the holding of plans or dreams or expectations – Let it all go. Save your strength to swim with the tide.The choice to fight what is here before you now willonly result in struggle, fear, and desperate attemptsto flee from the […]

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