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two halves of my heart

To my two little lionesses To my two little peace warriors To my two little wise souls Thank you for gracing my life With so much beauty So much buoyant love & brightness Thank you for bringing so much possibility and wonderment to each and every single day I love you both fiercely I am […]

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the year that was 2015

Two thousand and fifteen What a crazy year you have been. Hospitals, ambulances, therapies and more practising patience seems to be our universal law. We give thanks for our beautiful family and friends Who span the globe to every single end The continued love, support and hope Makes us realise we’re not alone in our […]

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Christmas Meanderings

Can you believe we almost got accepted for Channel 9’s “Renno Rumble TV show in 2016”, by the same producers of “The Block”! Some kind soul had nominated our family, Channel 9 were seeking families with children of cerebral palsy/special needs to create a “family dream home”! They came to our home to take photo’s, […]

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trusting your gut instincts

Those who know me, know that I am often led by my intuition. Which can drive people close to me a little crazy. I trust my gut instincts a lot, we all have had those moments where we have made a decision and it just doesn’t feel right. That’s your intuition talking loud and clear. Doesn’t mean I always get it right though. Nonetheless I’m […]

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Botox treatment for CP

  Days like these are tough. We’ve gotten used to the RCH visits, but every now and then there’s a big one that knocks us all for six. Chiara fasting from 7am to get Botox treatment in her hamstrings and adductors and a plaster cast to help treat her relapsed clubfoot. Drop off Grace to kinder and on […]

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Chiara’s Short-Film

Thank you to a very good friend Emma who produced this short-film about Chiara and her journey so far. It’s not easy trying to encapsulate all that comes with the special needs road, however Emma has captured the essence of it all, brilliantly! I get teary watching it, not only because of Chiara but how […]

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RCH visit

The RCH drill. Wake 5am (skip meditation & yoga b/c I’m keen to prep everything before poppets wake) get breakfast ready, pack Chiara’s hospital bag, get paper work ready, check appointment times, pack Grace’s kinder bag, get clothes ready, put load of washing on, hang the new batch on the line, and fold the other lot. […]

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