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The bless in the mess

Pretty happy to see some fine motor skill action!  Whenever we notice any new micro-milestones we quietly notify one another so we don’t alarm Chiara and break her concentration. It’s sometimes hard for us to contain our excitement and often I burst with it – then the next thing her bottom lip drops and she’s […]

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you’re the yin to my yang

This one’s for Mauro. He coined the phrase “you’re the yin to my yang”, I loved it and told him I’d write a blog about it, so here tis’… My husband is quite a private man, unlike his wife who shares her heart and soul through this blog. He’s not so fussed with social media, […]

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saying goodbye

Goodbye’s – I’ve never enjoyed them. Especially the type where you know, that you won’t ever get to say hello again. Grandma had a fall last week, in her home where she has lived all her life. It takes a strong kind of woman to be living on your own at the age of 93, […]

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fighting the goodfight!

This article is SPOT ON! It’s a massive fight on so many levels this special needs gig. If you want to get an insight into a day in the life of a special needs parent – take a read here:

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everything looks different now..

I tried to find something that hadn’t changed, something that since Chiara’s diagnosis, still felt relatively the same. Yet I didn’t get far, truth is everything looks different now. That’s probably because everything is different. I can’t look at a pregnant woman, or a new family, or a tiny weeny baby without seeing something so […]

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