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sleep salvation

Sleep. Finally, after two long years of chronically broken sleep we have a found solid rest again. It wasn’t the normal lack of sleep that most parents experience (from the newborn to toddler stage) of teething, wet nappies, colic etc, we know this kind, as Grace also took a while to sleep through. However, this time around, […]

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more tests. more light.

Today we had another hearing test for Chiara at Taralye is the oral language centre for deaf children, and due to Chiara’s brain-injury and concerns around developing speech, we need to monitor via audiology and otology testing. This is our second visit, I recall taking Chiara there when she was about 7 months old, I didn’t feel […]

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Yep – this picture sum’s up the past two years! Funambulism! the art of walking along a thin wire or rope. Not surprising that it’s commonly associated with the circus, which could be an analogy for our parenting gig this time around 😉 Balance: an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and […]

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friday physio home visit

Wow, what an experience to have physio sessions at home. No crazy intense car-rides which means a stress free morning for us. Our physiotherapy sessions with Di are funded through Better Start, so even though the home visits are a lot more expensive it provides so much ease. Chiara is able to get the full […]

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Trialling new special needs equipment is bitter sweet. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the initial shock that I get when the equipment arrives. My heart skips a beat, I go into a silent panic then get on with it! The bitter, because I’m a mama of a child who has to fight […]

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working hard at physio

Chiara had a great session with Di, although supported in standing you can see that Chiara has the determination and strength in her being! I’ve sat in many therapy sessions, watching Chiara work so hard to achieve movement. I’ve chocked back tears when she cries from frustration or discomfort. The physical endurance this little girls […]

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people amaze me (it takes a village…)

Especially Colin! We found Colin when we posted a job on Airtasker, looking for someone to help assemble a large shed that we got from Bunnings. We have run out of storage and space with the extra equipment that Chiara requires. The shed has been sitting in our front yard for 6 months flat-packed, we finally got around to […]

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