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serenity and life admin

Not enough hours in the day. The admin associated with the special needs world is extraordinary, ask any SN Mama and you will find that behind the therapies is a whole wide world of admin, which comes in the form of lengthy applications, funding forms 100’s of pages long,  medical letters, appointment schedules, reports, case history, […]

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a new addition

I never would of dreamt that raising my daughter would involve any of this equipment! Alas, it does and we are grateful for our wonderful key-worker from Noah’s Ark who is amazing at helping with special needs equipment. Today she dropped off two bath seat options, Chiara isn’t able to sit and is getting heavier […]

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powerful message!

Woke up to an inspiring message in my inbox today!! Put the hugest smile on my face, needed the reminder!!! As much as we try and stay positive about this new and adventurous journey, some days are still very challenging. Chiara suffers a lot from pain, her jaw locks down on her fingers causing a […]

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turning a new page

Doesn’t look like much BUT to us this is pretty awesome! Chiara using her hand/arm to turn the pages – gaining any type of independent motor skills is a miracle. Especially given she has quite a severe form of CP (quadriplegia -all four limbs effected), this alone is a huge feat.   More turning page […]

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life with chiara & grace thank you to our incredibly supportive community in helping Chiara reach her highest potential – we are so grateful xoxox following is a video which highlight some of the therapies we do at home….. enjoy “and when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while, coz girl […]

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live on-air!

Thank you to the amazing Eleonora & Tony at Rete Radio Italia for the opportunity to share Chiara’s Journey! If you missed the radio segment you can cheek it out below. Love the Italian community! Don’t forget to grab your tickets to the FUNDRAISING night!!! It’s as easy as ONE click away!!! they are selling […]

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RCH Visit

Monday another big day at RCH. Still processing the day, lost for words this time around. Life expectancy is a fragile topic, no matter how resilient you are, it’s something that no parent ever wants to associate with their own child. I am incredibly grateful for our friends, for reflecting back to us what is possible […]

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Melbourne Town Hall

What a fabulous night with the Australian Institute of Hotel Engineer’s (AIHE) committee and their members. This particular meeting involved the Lord Mayor of Melbourne who shared a great presentation of all things Melbourne. The Lord Mayor also shared a story of another special needs family and how the community of Melbourne helped these parents and […]

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