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it’s all about love

Yay, we’re featured on “The Mighty”! Their tagline: “We believe in the power of stories, the strength of communities and the beauty of the human spirit” It’s nice to get a reminder – that at the core of this journey, through the rough days – the most powerful thing that will get us through […]

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elephant in the room

Yesterday we did our organic food shop, it always astounds me the amount of food we go through in a week, but then again each of Chiara’s meals is jam-packed with as many nutrients as possible to help feed her brain and body. We rotate the food she eats daily and when I look into […]

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finding our way

we’ve found ways to change nappies in the prone position we’ve found ways to avoid the myocolonus spasm repercussion we’ve found ways to move clothes over her tight and rigid limbs we’ve found ways to hold her when the cerebral palsy kicks in we’ve found ways to mange her through the night we’ve found ways of avoiding […]

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Thank you to the awesome team at AIHE!

Wow what a fantastic night!! The team at Australian Institute of Hotel Engineers (AIHE) have completely blown us away with their incredible support. Not only did they donate on the night of our presentation a few weeks ago, they also organised an amazing online auction, which also gave Mauro a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to […]

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do you believe in signs?

8 years ago I had just returned from travelling solo through Greece, Turkey, India and the U.K for a year. Instead of returning to my job as Account Manager for Buena Vista Home Entertainment (Disney), I embarked on a whole new direction into Natural Medicine. I worked part-time at Disney and studied full-time at Southern […]

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sunday sessions

Just a usual Sunday! * c unsettled thru night ? * 5am start ? * 4 hours sleep ? * finger bite 7am tear? * trying to weave in iahp program ? * tongue bite 8am tears ? * yay the sun is shining ??? & then a beautiful lunch with beautiful friends – xo

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all in a days work…

– new batch of meals for Chiara (took hours to create these little pockets of organic goodness!). If you think Chiara eats well, check out Grace’s breakfast. Go papa! – IAHP strongly recommend a water filter for Chiara (ever since we completed their initial course), long overdue but it’s great to finally have one as of yesterday! […]

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