Cerebral Palsy

Christmas Meanderings

Can you believe we almost got accepted for Channel 9’s “Renno Rumble TV show in 2016”, by the same producers of “The Block”! Some kind soul had nominated our family, Channel 9 were seeking families with children of cerebral palsy/special needs to create a “family dream home”! They came to our home to take photo’s, […]

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Botox treatment for CP

  Days like these are tough. We’ve gotten used to the RCH visits, but every now and then there’s a big one that knocks us all for six. Chiara fasting from 7am to get Botox treatment in her hamstrings and adductors and a plaster cast to help treat her relapsed clubfoot. Drop off Grace to kinder and on […]

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The bless in the mess

Pretty happy to see some fine motor skill action!  Whenever we notice any new micro-milestones we quietly notify one another so we don’t alarm Chiara and break her concentration. It’s sometimes hard for us to contain our excitement and often I burst with it – then the next thing her bottom lip drops and she’s […]

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fighting the goodfight!

This article is SPOT ON! It’s a massive fight on so many levels this special needs gig. If you want to get an insight into a day in the life of a special needs parent – take a read here: http://www.fireflyfriends.com/special-needs-blog/specific/why-do-we-have-to-fight-for-everything

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It was a long night so getting some sunshine and fresh air then back home to start cooking up broths, Chiara’s meals and rest rest rest. Celebrating world Cerebral Palsy Day! A day late but that’s how we roll Love is what makes you smile when you’re tired❤️??❤️??❤️?❤️??   

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breathtakingly beautiful

Tonight it was Grace who decided to tell a story, then move into a meditation and a Yoga Nidra. W-O-W, now I have experienced some pretty mind-altering meditations and wonderful relaxations.. but this little 5 year old blew me away! Such a wise little Yogini. I must record some of these sessions, they are so […]

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