Cerebral Palsy

Mini miracles! ?

Both Mauro and I cannot wipe the smile from our faces, for the first time EVER Chiara has travelled peacefully in her car-seat, all the way into the city and back. An all time record for us! Since our return from America, we have noticed some pretty exciting changes in her overall tone and rigidity […]

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Green Door

More equipment whipped up from Mauro’s amazing Godfather, this is the standing frame to help Chiara bear weight through her legs and also help with the clubfoot treatment. Go Chiara!! The CP is quite obvious in the photo’s – her fists clenched tight. Slowly, the home is turning into a place of healing and therapy. […]

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Nana’s prophecy..

We have been busy in the world of Chiara. The IAHP program is ticking along, we are gathering all the information for the Interim Report which is exciting.  We have also reignited other brain development therapies over the past few weeks, such as NAET sessions, which are wonderfully explained in Kristen Morrisons book ‘Naturally Better […]

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