A.B.M – 4 weeks in USA

We finally made it to the end of our Intensive Treatment Therapy for Chiara in the U.S of A! First and foremost, we would like to thank all the incredible people who helped us access this Neuro Movement therapy. We are so grateful for the ongoing support in helping Chiara reach her full potential. A special mention to […]

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RCH Visit

Monday another big day at RCH. Still processing the day, lost for words this time around. Life expectancy is a fragile topic, no matter how resilient you are, it’s something that no parent ever wants to associate with their own child. I am incredibly grateful for our friends, for reflecting back to us what is possible […]

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thursday ♥

Chiara is enjoying the respiratory pattering exercises, we managed to get through three sessions today where she was relaxed and comfortable. We notice she makes a lot more sounds during and after the exercise, oh the day when she say’s “mama”, I dream about it often. The masking is going well, she gets such an amazing […]

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Mini miracles! ?

Both Mauro and I cannot wipe the smile from our faces, for the first time EVER Chiara has travelled peacefully in her car-seat, all the way into the city and back. An all time record for us! Since our return from America, we have noticed some pretty exciting changes in her overall tone and rigidity […]

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