A constant reminder of Grace

Little Grace Maria is my almost-4 year old little girl. She has such an effervescent personality, full of passion, creativity, and so much love. She has been phenomenal over the past year, she’s been the most loving, fun and caring sister to baby Chiara. Our days off as a family were mostly spent at the RCH, so […]

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Momentary Hibernation

So I went undercover for a while after the initial diagnosis.. mostly because I spent as much time (in between looking after the girls) researching as much information as I could… I felt a deep sense of urgency, to get Chiara onto a top-shelf nutritional plan, as well as a kick-ass synergistic therapy plan. Problem […]

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Processing the news…

It’s interesting this life.. the people we meet, the timing of events and the way we receive, assimilate and respond to a variety of life events that come our way. Looking back, I always knew in some shape or for, something like this would take place in my motherhood years. Somewhere deep down in the […]

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