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The incline floor (slide), the massage table for patterning  (we will re-start this next week), along with the manual respiratory program. Once we get some consistent results with the manual respiratory pattering, we will move to the automatic patterning. One of the main factors of poor function in brain-injured children is their compromised respiratory system. So […]

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Green Door

More equipment whipped up from Mauro’s amazing Godfather, this is the standing frame to help Chiara bear weight through her legs and also help with the clubfoot treatment. Go Chiara!! The CP is quite obvious in the photo’s – her fists clenched tight. Slowly, the home is turning into a place of healing and therapy. […]

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Chiara’s standing frame ?

Opened the mail today & received a letter from Baptcare with good news!! They are providing funding for her standing frame from PME Group – which is great because the one we have is just on loan until end of week and we can’t afford to buy one – they cost over $2500 dollars! I’m […]

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