Revised IAHP Program

It’s been a busy time since we landed back in Melbourne, getting the revised IAHP program in order. We have so much to share from our recent trip to America, but for now I’ll focus on our new IAHP program for the next 6 months: Respiratory Patterning Program (manual and automatic) Manual: 90 min’s per […]

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IAHP Revisit #2

Day 1 of Chiara’s medical evaluation & treatment. Good news – her neurological age has increased to 12months – she has made some positive gains in her sensory program – now we are working hard on helping her mobility and respiration. As we arrived today parents from all over the world carrying their brain injured […]

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Life prepares you..

Day 2 of lectures! 7 years ago I happened to sit next to Mauro while studying Naturopathy, neither of us would of thought we’d be back in a lecture environment learning how to heal our daughter! Life has a plan long before many of us know x??

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Good food – good mood!

Cook up time! Making a new batch of Chiara’s meals today- each meal consists of a protein source,  green veggie, green leafy, coloured vegetable, complex carbohydrate and a healthy source of fats. Eeach meal is measured precisely, i.e.: 40g protein, 40g green leafy, 40g green veg, 40g coloured veg, 40g complex carb, 5ml fats (i.e.: […]

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going with the flow

Now that the major festive celebrations  are over it’s time to get back into the rhythm of the IAHP home therapy. It’s like a double-edged sword these days, social outings are awesome but they can sometimes come at a cost. Chiara’s therapy being the main one, and the simple fact it is difficult leaving the house with […]

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IAHP Oxygen Enrichment Program (Masking)

Our main focus on the IAHP program for the first month has been Physiology and Nutrition, we then move into the Physical and Intellectual aspects next month. Chiara’s nutrition has absolutely stepped up a notch, she has the most incredibly heathy diet! It’s so reassuring knowing that she is meeting all her daily nutritional needs, […]

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