Medical Tests

Medical Meetings

Today we had a meeting with some medical specialists – CMV testing came back as negative, so we can now rule this out as a possible cause for the Polymicrogyria. – We are going to to some gene testing on Collagen 4A1 and Collagen 4A2, due to the Hemosiderin that was discovered on her MRI.   Sometimes after the hospital visits, feels […]

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Paediatric Ophthalmologist!

We’ve seen many “ologists” to date, and today Chiara and I are off to Ivanhoe Eye Clinic for an hour long eye test with an Ophthalmologist. Clinically, our Mecy Paed thinks Chiara’s vision is okay, however in view of her developmental risk, she wants to make sure Chiara doesnt have any visual problems.  

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Speech Pathology & Sleep/Respiratory Checks – Monash Hospital & RCH

We’ve been to the Speech Pathology clinic at RCH a few times, they provide assessment, treatment and consultations for children with communication and feeding or swallowing difficulties. Due to Chiara’s diagnosis, there has bee a lot of concern regarding her breathing and ability to swallow foods safely. And due to the area of her brain that has been effected, […]

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Testing testing 1.. 2… 3

We take off for a hearing test at Taralye. Nana has come along for extra hands, she starting reading to Grace while Chiara was asleep in my arms. Though it didn’t take long for her to wake, when Grace came up singing “Karda, Karda.. look..” They call us through, and I instantly know the audiologists […]

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Medical Tests & Meetings

Still so many unknowns with Chiara… we will basically have to wait and see. The main concerns based on Chiara’s MRI are her ability to walk, talk or manage seizures if or when they occur. Although this is often expressed in more in medical terms such as motor skills.. fine motor skills….speech.. cognition… communication…independently moving around… all […]

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Urgent EEG test at RCH…

Here we are back at the RCH, but today has nothing to do with Chiara’s clubfoot. So as we learned part of this new Polymicrogyria mystery.. it comes with a very high chance of seizures. So we are booked in urgently to the EEG department for more tests. Mum came along with me for this test […]

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