our giant leap of faith

What does sky-diving, Hindu Mythology and Yoga have to do with Chiara and her diagnosis? everything it seems 😉 I was driving along Punt Road on the weekend when I noticed 7 skydivers floating down from the sky underneath their parachutes. I wondered where they would land safely amongst tall city buildings and crazy Punt […]

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Goodbye 2014.. welcome 2015 ♥ ♫ ♬

We’ve been playing this song all morning (listen and click here)!! Made me think of us and our new normal with Chiara.. and yes the sun does shine better on the other side… there is always an-‘other side’…. another perspective, another way of looking at the cards you have been dealt in life. And as much as […]

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A new label.. Microcephaly

After two ultra sounds of Chiara’s brain, the tests came back clear. Everything looked okay and we held onto hope that all this meant for Chiara was she had a small head. Full stop. And she would develop perfectly, just as her big sister has… However because her head circumference was below the 3rd percentile, […]

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