A long overdue update!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated Chiara’s Blog! Where do I begin? This one is a biggie, grab a coffee or a stiff drink and read on 😉   March: I still have to post the blog from the (behind the scenes) 4-week intensive treatment in USA. The therapy was amazing, it was worth all […]

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Grace. I wish I could of played with you All the times you wanted to…. But our life has been so different since you sister came along, we had to learn a whole new language and sing a different life song… I’m sorry for the times, you thought we didn’t care…. but sometimes the weight […]

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the inner dialogue of a special needs mama

At a recent social event, the conversation rolled on until it came around to that question ‘so how is your daughter going?’  I responded with a brief update; she’s communicating more through eye-contact, managing the car-seat and overall doing great.  It’s a difficult question to answer sometimes, when you have a medically fragile child. Now, […]

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