Organic Food

Nutrition – Organic Goodness!

A lot of time and effort goes into Chiara’s meal planning. Each main meal is carefully proportioned, weighed and then populated onto a Mothership excel spreadsheet. This way we ensure that Chiara is meeting her her daily nutritional requirements. In addition every 6 months we get the relevant blood tests, hair and mineral tests (measure […]

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Good food – good mood!

Cook up time! Making a new batch of Chiara’s meals today- each meal consists of a protein source,  green veggie, green leafy, coloured vegetable, complex carbohydrate and a healthy source of fats. Eeach meal is measured precisely, i.e.: 40g protein, 40g green leafy, 40g green veg, 40g coloured veg, 40g complex carb, 5ml fats (i.e.: […]

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Let food be thy medicine

It’s all about organic green leafy’s, rainbow coloured veggies, healthy fats, good quality sources of protein & complex carb’s! Friday’s we stock up at Petty’s Orchard in Templestowe (amazing place with amazing people!) then come home unload, wash and chop the veg, continue on with the IAHP program (masking, reading program, tactile, auditory, incline) and in […]

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