friday physio home visit

Wow, what an experience to have physio sessions at home. No crazy intense car-rides which means a stress free morning for us. Our physiotherapy sessions with Di are funded through Better Start, so even though the home visits are a lot more expensive it provides so much ease. Chiara is able to get the full […]

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working hard at physio

Chiara had a great session with Di, although supported in standing you can see that Chiara has the determination and strength in her being! I’ve sat in many therapy sessions, watching Chiara work so hard to achieve movement. I’ve chocked back tears when she cries from frustration or discomfort. The physical endurance this little girls […]

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Physio and more..

Mauro, Grace and I set off for the 9am physio session with Di, Grace loves playing with all the toys in the therapy room and every now and then gives her sister words of encouragement throughout the session…bless! Chiara continues to astound me with her strength and determination.  Home program and some time reading with […]

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Physio Session # 5

Morning physio session with Di, today’s session was by far the best one yet in terms of Chiara’s ability to move with ease. YAY!!!! It’s all about celebrating.. the micro-milestones.. what comes so naturally for most of us, is the ability to move freely. The amount of effort that is required from Chiara in order […]

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