Physio Session # 3 with Di

Go Chiara, so amazing seeing her in body positions such as sitting, kneeling or standing. Di is fantastic, I can’t rave about her enough. She is a Paediatric Physiotherapist, using a neuro-developmental approach to the management of children with movement disorders, as is the case with little Chiara… We are currently working on the following areas: […]

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Physio Session

Big session today at Physioworks, the therapist gave me a lot of therapy exercises to do with little C at home. Pumped for Physio, Osteo and Yoga… her little body trying so hard… its palpable at times watching her determination. It’s like you can feel the blocks in the neural pathways, you can see she wants […]

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Orthopaedic’s – Dr Michael Johnson

Another visit to Dr Michael Johnson, to check up on Chaira’s clubfoot treatment. Although we see Prue for the every day treatment, we get the odd booking with him which is great. Michael has special training and interest in Spinal Deformity Surgery (Scoliosis), Club foot, Brachial Plexus injuries and Neuromuscular diseases. Chiara is tracking along […]

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Hello boot’s and bar!

Yay! No more casts, finally able to give Chiara regular relaxing baths.. watching her mini legs and feet move freely without the weight of a heavy cast bound to her leg… so the new procedure was to have these new funky (expensive!!) shoes on 23 hours a day! Sure, sounds easy right?

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More casts and a new AFO @ RCH

So the boots and bar havnt been working, aside from the fact they are super restrictive… little Chiara seems to do a Houdini every time.. her mini right foot seems to magically slip out! Aside from the fact she was not sleeping so well with them.. at all! Yet another unhappy casting episode this time […]

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22nd trip to RCH…

Yes Chiara looks happy in the photo’s… but to be honest most of the cast’s were deeply traumatic. The team at the RCH had such difficulty casting her, she would resist with all her strength and to my surprise it would take at least 3 adults to hold her body into place so they could […]

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